Krishna stood beside Maharaj Drupad, watching his two best friends exchange wedding garlands. He smiled knowingly at the shrewd King’s obvious satisfaction at having his daughter married to the young man he had coveted for so long. Krishna himself smiled for another reason. Yes it was true that Draupadi’s marriage also included Arjun’s four brothers, yet Krishna felt a special kind of satisfaction seeing Arjun take his beloved sakhi around the sacrificial fire.
What they didn’t know…what may take them a lifetime to realise, was that they were both a special part of him. Arjun was literally half of his soul. Krishna knew that their friendship would transcend normal levels and come to be thought of as a relationship between man and God, but the love which he held for Arjun couldn’t be measured in human form.

Krishna chuckled as he remembered their past life as Nara-Narayan, the twin incarnations of the four-armed Vishnu. Their time at Badrinath had been beautiful indeed, but they had spent most of their time immersed in penance and austerities. Their relationship in this life was going to be very different. Krishna openly laughed in anticipation of the adventures he would share with Arjun. Drupad furrowed his eyebrows and turned to glance around for the source of the commotion, but seeing it was his daughter’s beloved sakha, he smiled and continued throwing flower petals over the bride and groom.

 Krishna watched as Draupadi took Arjun’s hand for the last phera. Draupadi or Krishnaa as she was named at birth, was no less important than Arjun to him. It was solely for her benefit that he had brushed aside his never ending political conflicts and come to stand protectively beside her. Her primordial being was that of his Lakshmi, yet in the Dwapar Yug a grand design had been wrought, one which, this time, entrusted her human form to him in a brotherly fashion. Yet he knew that this partial form of Lakshmi would find her Vishnu one way or another. And thus she had. While Arjun won both Draupadi’s hand and heart, destiny sought to match her with Vishnu in his entirety, namely with his Sudarshan chakra, Kaumodki mace, the Padma lotus and his Panchajanya conch-shell. Arjun’s four brothers were those 4 attributes of Vishnu, Krishna mused. His face clouded when he recalled all that they would have to suffer in this life. But as Draupadi and Arjun bent to touch his feet for the customary blessing, he felt his resolve multiply. They wouldn’t be alone. He, Vasudev Krishna, would stand beside them, holding them dear in his heart. They were his most vital elements for the Leela he would perform in this world, yet more importantly they were his best friends.

456th September

What I love the most about him is that he will always be there for me. He is a very dedicated person and his priorities are correct. He is also always there for his friends and will not change at all and that credit goes to his upbringing - Alia Bhatt

89828th July
thesunshinemonster PERF SET IS PERF creys im still too scared and upset to gif abhimanyu so im just gonna stare at ur gorgeous set and cry my way through today

ILY FOR THIS but NOO you gotta make something! 1) Because you are a PS Queen and 2) Because otherwise I will spam you for saat janams

Abhi baby :’( His acting was spot on! Although the actual scenes didn’t do him justice imo.

222nd July

"Mere pitah se kahyega, ke maine unke naam par laanchan nahin lagne diya! Aur meri maata se kahyega, ke main…marte samay bhi parajit nahin hua!”

He looked towards the flames, fighting back the tears in his eyes, and decreed

“The name Abhimanyu will forever be synonymous with bravery and courage!”

 The soldiers took up the chant, while trumpets blared to signify the time left for sunrise. The 13th day of the war had come to an end. And they had paid it’s price dearly.

7222nd July

Arjit Taneja and Shikha Singh aka Purab and Aliya being adorable on sets!

Please don’t kill me for shipping them

918th July


Varun Dhawan was the star of the show, and Alia proved that she is a very very versatile actress! You wouldn’t believe Humpty and Kavya were Rohan and Shanaya from SOTY! And I personally loved all the DDLJ references! The entire audience was cracking up during my showing, definitely one to watch! Go and check it out if you haven’t already!

1217th July