Arjit Taneja and Shikha Singh aka Purab and Aliya being adorable on sets!

Please don’t kill me for shipping them

718th July


Varun Dhawan was the star of the show, and Alia proved that she is a very very versatile actress! You wouldn’t believe Humpty and Kavya were Rohan and Shanaya from SOTY! And I personally loved all the DDLJ references! The entire audience was cracking up during my showing, definitely one to watch! Go and check it out if you haven’t already!

1017th July

Finally found time to watch today’s Kumkum Bhagya and what are they showing in the opening scene!! ROFL Pragya’s mum and daadi, dancing to Baby Doll with Abhi’s daadi and tyaji! Totally made my day, they’re hilarious yet adorable!

427th June

5 Facts About Me

Thanks to empresssarayu for tagging me :) usually I avoid these things like the plague since I’m a pretty private person but here we go:

  1. I have more guy friends than girl friends…it’s pretty much the same, movies, dinner, gossip sessions, just without the added drama :P
  2. It doesn’t take much to get me excited - new books, different flavour of ice-cream, a funny shaped cloud…
  3. I love kids, the naughtier the better!
  4. Having step parents and step siblings, alongside a whole host of nonsense in my family has made me very tolerant. I can put up with a lot of things, but never against the people I love.
  5. I’m a typical independent Gemini, I’ve yet to find a characteristic that doesn’t describe me :)

Enough about me…I’d like Lola, Aishu, Himani, Tika and Bheegi to tell us more about themselves :D

120th June
Anonymous hi!!! your gifs are so pretty! could you make more on kumkum bhagya if you get time? also I love your sidebar :)))

Awwww I’m glad you like them Anon. Yeah I’ll try to make something else on the show soon, but I don’t really watch the show for the leads (although Shabir is a much better actor than he used to be PLUS HOTTIE), so I’d probably just be clogging up the tag with the sass Queen Alia. Hahaha I love it too! :D


319th June